Facilities / Process

we have the infrastructure and expertise to design and develop castings of the most challenging complexities. With trained and qualified personnel with considerable expertise in Pattern Tool And Development & product development, we offer the finest Pattern Tool And Development services in the industry

  • Design Review / APQP - The design team studies the 2D and 3D information provided by the customer to check for the manufacturing compatibility. Any required design changes are carried out with concurrence from the customer
  • Tool design and simulation - The team uses scientific calculations and concepts derived from experience to design the best possible method for producing the part. This is confirmed with the use of simulation software.
  • Manufacturing - With complete in-house capabilities for tool machining the development team can manufacture dies, patterns and machining fixtures with quick turnaround times.
  • Fit for Production - With approvals from customer and the production department, the part will be certified as Fit for Production and handed over to production

Permanent mould Gravity Die casting Process:

  • Shell Core-Making Process
  • Stationary Die Casting
  • Tilt Die Casting
  • Low pressure Die Casting.
  • Machining